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"The Key to success is to focus on goals, and overcome obstacles"

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I have been doing the Health Weight Loss Programme with Dominique for the past 4 weeks and it has given me my energy back, lessened my mood swings and stress levels. My feet and ankles have reduced swelling and my joints are less painful – I played indoor soccer for the first time in years and felt great. I am less prone to indigestion and bloating after food and my craving for sweets after dinner are no longer. I really enjoyed working with my coach Dominique as I received all the support I needed and she was very informative during our coaching together. I would recommend this programme and my coach to others; she is very supportive, informative, very pertinent and passionate about her work and always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients understand information or advice given. I feel great about myself.


I feel wonderful! Before I started my journey with Dominique, my energy levels were low and whenever I started exercising, I would get sick within the first week, but by following the blood sugar lifestyle, feeding my body correctly, it’s been 8 weeks with no flu or being chesty. It changes everything when one’s energy levels are constant and no spanner in the works when you want to exercise. I have achieved weight loss, self-love and growing in confidence, as well as sound knowledge on how my body functions when it comes to nutritional food intakes. With the assistance and support I’ve received during this program, I can’t see anyone failing on improving themselves. I feel VERY Good, and confident enough to take on the rest of my weight loss journey. This is no diet, this is a LIFESTYLE. With the support and assistance that Dominique offers, you have no excuse or reason not to achieve your goal. Go for it, it’s worth it 100%.

Working with Dominique has been amazing! Dominique has shown me great support and guidance throughout and honestly wouldn’t be where I am without her. My health was really bad, relied on energy drinks to get me through the day, my energy levels were really low and didn’t enjoy gym.
I now have a lot of life back in me, I don’t rely on energy drinks as much, only on those really bad days. I have a lot of energy and I am more driven and cautious of what I eat. I achieved weight loss, I have decreased the amount of energy drinks I consume and improved my fitness level. I feel great! I would 100% recommend others. I would tell them what a fantastic idea it is, I’d tell them about my journey and about how much Dominique helped me and improved my life. Dominique, You are a Gem.

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