R 69 Belvedere Game Ranch R69, Magudu, 3160
+27 82 316 3223 or +27 82 986 6354

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Intriguing Italian menu!

++ Warm, smooth and professional attitude from the waiters from the moment we put our feet in til we left the outdoor. They were friendly, patient and always a smile on their faces despite it being basically full booked!

+ The menu, must say was intriguing, had a hard time decide my dish, and I was only looking at vegetarian alternatives!
+ I chose spagetti with crab and it was spicy, meaty and juicy. Almost got sad that I ate it too quickly, should have enjoyed it more!
+ Crowded, loud but still easy to have a casual chat with your “table partner” and the atmosphere was very warm and felt Italian. However can’t give it 5* star

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