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"Health is the Greatest Wealth"- Virgil

About Me

Q: Why do people choose to work with you?​

I am passionate about doing simple, practical and efficient! I am passionate about helping women walk their journey to self-love. There is so much world noise, I help eliminate that through my simple coaching sessions and help women identify their inner and outer beauty. Every women deserves to know and feel her worth, their journey with me allows this.
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Succesful Approach

Q: What are your Qualifications?

In my past life: Graduated from Unisa and worked the corporate ladder specialising in retail operations. My current life… Qualified Health Coach alongside running a franchise.
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Particular Speciality

Q : Why is your approach so successful?

My programs combine health education and coaching. The combination together is powerful; my clients are never left to guess when eating out, at a party or at a social gathering, choices are made with ease, empowering them in every situation.
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Q: Do you have particular speciality?

Being a woman is a speciality! Being a mom, a career driven woman and having a background of the corporate world, I understand the pressures woman face on a daily basis and they are enough to allow us to forget about ourselves, as we too busy worrying about others. Sometimes we doubt whether or not we are doing enough or doing it right. My mission is to support all women in renewed energy and finding the balance between the many hats they wear. Through simple principles of a well-balanced and well-nourished plate this is achievable.
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